American Eagle Outfitter’s Inspiring Blog

By: Bridget Anderson

American Eagle Outfitters has created a blog where it provides its customers with everything from articles like “10 For 10: Ten Styles, Ten Ways” where customers are shown ten ways to wear the color blue, to “As Seen in #AEOSTYLE: Favorite Styles Edition” in which writers point out celebrities wearing American Eagle clothing in style magazines. The brand is trying to reach its consumers to not only help them figure out how to wear their clothing in unique ways (convenience), but also to provide them with a little entertainment by showing them that celebrities are wearing American Eagle clothing too. Creating a blog makes a lot of sense for American Eagle to do because it shows consumers that they are valued by taking the time to write articles for them and also boosts sales because consumers will want to buy the clothing that is suggested in the articles. The blog integrates both owned and earned media. Owned media because it is American Eagle employees who are writing the articles, and earned media is involved too with the ability for consumers to comment on the articles and share with their friends. This could be an example of participation-led orchestration because a conversation is being held between American Eagle and its customers.


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