Blog Post 1: Lush’s Fighting Animal Testing campaign

Chelsie Chow

Lush- Fighting Animal Testing:

To live up to their strong brand image of being against animal testing to protect the animals, Lush published a video back in 2012, regarding their demonstration against animal testing at Regent Street. In the video, they demonstrated what really happens to the animals being tested, on a human being.


(Image source:

Lush was trying to reach basically everyone, particularly animal lovers. They were trying to raise awareness on what animals go through during animal testing, by doing all those things to a human being during the demonstration. With this video, they are trying to contribute to fighting for animal rights, being against animal testing like what most cosmetic products around the world do. It makes sense for the brand to do this because Lush has a brand promise of using environmental-friendly products and their products are known to be anti-animal tested.


(Image source:

It is an equal mix of paid, earned and owned media. Lush paid to create the video, owned the video on various social media platforms like YouTube and lastly, earned many supporters through this video. In the reading given (“What we know about integrating media”), they used a bottom-up model, where they first go viral on social media, targeting a more specific group of people and then expand to television broadcasting to reach out to a wider audience. Among the four models of integration in the reading, Lush has used participation-led orchestration. According to the text, the goal of this model is to “create a conversation between a brand and its audiences”. By doing the demonstration, Lush has earned the support of people who has the same goal of fighting against animal testing.

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