Stratos : Red Bull

Alex Rapp

Red Bull: Stratos

Felix Baumgartner, a free fall master, jumped from the edge of space to earth and broke 5 world records. Instead of creating an ad to sell Red Bull, they created brand behavior. What Red Bull represents. Out of everything Red Bull participates in, it also has a great silent root back to the original slogan of “Red Bull gives you wings”. Red Bull says Stratos originally was never an advertising campaign, and even though it became one naturally, I think that’s why it did so well for them. It’s just Red Bull, and a minute video of jumping from space. Simple representation of the brand, they have more than a message. It was the action. In that sense I think it was targeted for people that are trying to achieve goals, and since everyone has a goal/feat in life, it was a great universal reach. I think it separates itself from other brands that have a message they just show. Whereas this is just them doing it. Less talk, more doing.

They created customer value by offering a spectacle of entertainment, 52 million viewers watched live, and tying in a first attempted world feat. Creating possible positive motivation for people that are trying to achieve goals themselves. Red Bull is always exploring the newest innovations in extremes, this really supports the Brand’s purpose.

The video was the entire “campaign”, so it would be owned media created and distributed through Red Bull. When the jump happened live they did have it broadcasted in 50 countries on TV and everywhere digitally, and since this was a world record attempt I’m not sure they even had to pay for the coverage. Felix wanted to do this himself, he was not simply paid to just risk his life jumping out of space for Red Bull. Since those other areas of paid/earned aren’t fully clear it seems this is an owned media campaign overall. This also seems like a mix of a Bottom-up and teaser model as they connected with both broadcast and digital before the jump and then both had the content live when it happened.

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