NO MORE means NO MORE: Mikayla Cruickshank

NO MORE created an advertisement to play during the Super Bowl last year to address domestic violence and sexual assault. This minute long ad is showing us how to help with these situations, which the ad included at the end stating, “When it’s hard to talk it’s up to us to listen”. NO MORE is trying to reach out to as many people as possible to help stop domestic violence. The audience was any watching the Super Bowl, which is mostly man but there are still a few women that watch it not including the seven million viewers of the ad on their YouTube channel. The problem that NO MORE is trying to solve is to have more awareness for domestic violence and help show signs of domestic violence. Having a women acting like she is calling a pizza place but instead calling 911 shows a unique way of how this could be stopped. It makes sense for the company NO MORE to do this ad on such a huge night of television to get as many people to notice what domestic violence is. Over 112.2 million people watch the Super Bowl and mostly men watch so it helps give them awareness as to what they might be doing to their partner. This was a paid media because the company paid about four million dollars for this ad to pay during the Super Bowl. They also used owned media to put this on their website and their YouTube channel for more people to see this advertisement.

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