Red Bull-Can You Make It?-Kaleb Duncan

Red Bull has created a campaign aimed at exciting their audience of college students. Students from all over the country were chosen to participate in a 7 day travel exhibition across Europe using cans of Red Bull and their charm as their only forms of currency. Red Bull is a brand that provides a caffeinated beverage to their consumers, but more than that they want to incite their consumers to do something great with the newfound energy that they’ve given them. That’s why it makes sense for Red Bull to host an event like this because they’re taking people out of their comfort zones to do something amazing and memorable that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do had they not been paired with Red Bull. Red Bull owns a lot of the media that they used to make awareness of this event as it was displayed on their website and Youtube account, however they paid for ads to be displayed on Youtube’s home page and before other videos which are forms of paid media.

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