SmugMug Films-Nate Olsen

SmugMug, an internet born website hosting service for photographers, have focused on doing one thing. Hosting beautiful websites for photographers. SmugMug has launched a video story-telling campaign called, SmugMug Films.  SmugMug Films, shares stories of SmugMug’s top photographers through well executed cinematography and capturing the photographers creative emotional spirit.

The brand is trying to reach photographers of all ventures, their stories range from Scott Kelby, a world famous sports action and portrait photographer to Jessica Ambats, who is an award winning aircraft photographer. By choosing to not focus on just one area of photography, SmugMug has opened the doors to show SmugMug is for anyone and everyone.

I believe SmugMug is trying to increase brand recognition, SmugMug is a young company. It was established in 2002 and has been in the shadow of much larger photo hosting sites for professionals like PhotoShelter. I have both a SmugMug and PhotoShelter account.

The brand’s purpose is focused on the idea of humanity and their passion for photography. Half of the art of photography is does the image tell a story? SmugMug is sharing their customer’s stories with the world. Yes, the campaign makes sense for the brand.

They have run paid social campaigns for their videos on social media and have been featured in multiple photography blogs and media websites like Wired and Forbes. They have generated publicity from their very own, “owned” media. The videos have been published on multiple platforms, allowing for more media consumption for a wider audience reach.

SmugMug’s goal is to increase brand recognition but in the end, recruit new customers to their platform to share their stories with the world.

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