Axe- Find Your Magic.

Laura Barker

Axe:  Find Your Magic

Axe, a company that produces grooming products for men, has launched a new campaign titled Find Your Magic that strays away from its typical hyper-masculine, “bro” image.  Axe released a 60-second video on Youtube that features men doing things atypical of its usual chizzled, sweaty, manly guy (one man is dancing in high heels, another opens the door for a woman *gasp*, etc.).  Axe is trying to attract new customers who don’t fit the “masculine” or “guy’s guy” mold it has typically tried to reach.  Axe is adding social value to its brand, as ideas of masculinity, femininity, and traditional gender norms are changing in today’s society.  It makes sense for Axe to switch gears in this sense because its brand purpose is all about giving guys the confidence to wake up and look, smell, and feel their best.  It seems Axe has realized that in 2016, most men don’t fall into the buff, oily, grizzly dude category, and the more important thing is for all types of men to be confident in who they are.  The campaign and the video are examples of owned media, but when and if commercials are produced and put on television, it would exemplify paid media.  The campaign is not in full swing yet, but I’m going to guess Axe will use an advertising-led integration approach and use this one main creative idea in all of the campaign’s components.  

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