Bing/Jay-Z Decoded

Benjamin Burbine


Bing decided to work with rapper Jay-Z during the time of his autobiography “Decoded.” Droga5 helped with the ad and put every page of the book in a certain location, depending on what the page had to say. This game was intended to have an eventual winner who would be the first one who compiled the complete book. The brand is trying to reach any frequent internet user. They wanted to try and get people to use Bing over the market leader, Google. The problems it solved is the various concerns of how Bing isn’t as user friendly as Google is. This ad campaign was able to help the audience learn more about the benefits of Bing and why it should be considered as the top choice when it comes to Internet browsers. This campaign made sense because it allowed them to gain not only internet fame but also gained new users simply interested in the author Jay-Z. This is a form of earned media. They earned loads of media from this campaign. This campaign generated nearly one million media impersonations and a media value almost two times its investment. All this came because of the work they did with Jay-Z. This is a form of Participation Led Orchestration because people would share information with other people following through the campaign.

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