Coca Cola – Friendly Twist

Abby Burt

Coca-Cola created a campaign for college students on their first day of classes. They were offered a pop, but in order to open it they had to find someone that could use another pop bottle to twist off each of the bottle tops. I believe the brand is trying to reach young adults that need caffeine and want to bring people into a social gathering by a brand idea-led orchestration. It gives incentive to drink the soda pop and to bring a unique social experience to an awkward day for college students. It makes sense for the brand to do so as they try to show that sharing a drink together can create fun between young adults, therefore; they are more likely to drink it. The campaign also ensures that two people will drink their product, as they need each other to open the bottle. I believe that this campaign includes all three owned, earned, and paid media. It is owned as they own the pop machines, the product itself, and their video made. The paid media includes having the campuses allow their machines and product to be placed in common areas. Lastly, the earned is the number of views the video received as well as being featured on ADWEEK.

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