Coca Cola – Share a Coke

Matt Kortum

Coca Cola – Share a Coke
Coca Cola created a campaign to engage consumers by having people’s names on bottles and cans of their products so that people could buy their own names or buy one for a friend. The brand was trying to reach a younger demographic who is less engaged by large campaigns and want to feel engaged individually. Coca Cola is trying to provide an incentive to gather around a coke with your closest friends. Being one of the most recognized brands in the world, it was important for coke to stay at the top by targeting younger consumers to stay relevant with the youth, and it invites people to be a part of the brand. Coca Cola used a combination of owned, earned, and paid media, but mainly focused on owned and earned. They used their own products to print peoples names which created buzz gaining them earned media. They did use kiosks in malls and billboards to get the idea of the campaign off the ground but then let the consumer take it over.


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