Kill The K-Cup Campaign
At the start of 2015, a company by the name of TerraCycle created the Kill The K-Cup campaign. TerraCycle is a company that provides recycling solutions for spent coffee pods and has teamed up with Tassimo, Mars Drinks, Nespresso and Illy, but despite reaching out to the company multiples times, has not be able to develop a relationship with Green Mountain (Keurig). The campaign consists of a video that went viral and was viewed by over 800,000 people on YouTube. The video is a faux-horror film based in a city in Canada that has been invaded by K-Cup shooting aliens. What TerraCycle did as a brand was show what their values are and that they act on their values and what they believe in. I believe that the audience they were trying to reach was an older consumer, typically one who cares for the environment and the preservation of the earth. The problem that they are trying to solve is the environmental issues that Keurig bring about. Their K-Cups are made of No. 7 plastic, which can’t be recycled in most places. They have an aluminum lid, which is hard to separate from the cup. Even if the plastic, aluminum and coffee could be separated, the pod is too small to be handled by most recycling systems. Acting against the K-Cups shows their brand values because they want to try and offer Keurig a more environmentally friendly recycling solution, instead of the K-Cups that are being produced today. Earned media is when customers, the press and the public share your content, speak about your brand via word-of-mouth, and otherwise discuss your brand. I believe the purpose of this video campaign was to display earned media and to get people talking about TerraCycle, while talking about the negative environmental issues that Keurig causes. They also displayed owned media because they put this on their website and their YouTube channel for more people to see it.

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