Mercedes-Benz – Take the Wheel

Mercedes-Benz Take the Wheel

Mercedes-Benz created this campaign to reach out to Generation Y.  Their brand appealed to people average age of 54.  How could Mercedes reach an audience that appealed more to their grandparents generation?  They wanted to lower that, and by doing so, they took their marketing to social media, specifically Instagram.  They took the five best instagram photographers, gave them a car, and whoever got the most likes on Instagram got to keep that car.  By doing this campaign on instagram, they were able to directly target their exact target audience; generation Y.  This campaign was all about using earned media.  Forbes even quoted, “This campaign represents a new evolution in earned media.”  They created a unique marketing strategy, all by using consumers content.  In the end, their average age of people buying a car decreased by 47%, and the sales for that particular car in the campaign broke records.

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