Red Bull – #AIRDROP

maxresdefaultSydney Schaal

Red Bull designed a campaign for college students in 55 countries and over 500 campuses.  The campaign is the Red Bull Airdrop.  Red Bull disburses by helicopters crates full of red bull in one day to millions of students around the world.   I believe that Red Bull is trying to reach young adults, specifically in college who need energy to function.  Red Bull brings the college students together by air dropping these crates across campuses around the world.  Students are brought together by participation-led orchestration.  This takes place when students walk up to the crates wondering what is in them and end up finding them full of cold Red Bull. They then go and discuss the crate found on campus to friends and through social media.  With Red Bull dropping these crates it creates easy ways to form conversations for the student body.  This campaign gives incentive to drink the Red Bull and to bring an exceptional experience to the students.  Personally, I think it makes sense for Red Bull to do this campaign because it creates fun for the young adults and gets the word out through the social media platform.  This campaign ensures that students will post and talk about the airdrop and free red bull through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  When the launch date takes place the Red Bull website uses #AIRDROP on all social media platforms stating where crates have been dropped.  All students have to do is post on their social media and use #AIRDROP.  The use of the hashtag incorporates creative development by red bull.  I believe this campaign incorporates all three areas of paid, owned, and earned media.  This is owned media because Red Bull owns the product, crates, and helicopters’.  The paid media includes having a partnership with Archrival, which is an ad agency in Nebraska who helps with this campaign.   Lastly, the earned is the number of views the campaign video received along with all of the talk on social media through the students’ hashtags.  Click the word -> link to access the Archival website.  This website talks about about the campaign briefly and shows a video on the campaign.

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