Royal Caribbean Virtual Balconies

In 2014, Royals Caribbean created a campaign centered on their new, innovative “Virtual Balcony” idea. The virtual balcony is essentially an 80-inch HD TV that provides every guest room on the Quantum of The Seas with an Oceanside view.  Royal Caribbean created these screens so that each guest could have the experience of a deck-level room with a view when in reality most of the guest rooms do not have an actual window.  This not only provides guests with entertainment, but it allows them to have a better guest experience in the comfort of their own home.  It makes sense for Royal Caribbean to create a guest experience like this because that is essentially what their brand is all about. They are in the business to create a fun and entertaining experience for cruise guests. This campaign mainly used owned media, such as the brand’s social channels, blog and website, but it also gained a fair amount of earned media buzz when the news was first released.


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