Always #LikeAGirl Campaign



During the 2015 Super Bowl, Always debuted a 60-second spot highlighting their “Like A Girl” campaign. Originally the pregame/teaser style campaign began the previous summer, but picked up steam after the Super Bowl appearance. P&G’s Always created a campaign that focused on empowering messages toward women, challenging the historic advertisement practice of the “ideal woman” image. By doing so, Always was able to create a successful campaign that resonated with their target audience, women. After analyzing consumer research, Global Always vice president, Fama Francisco, noticed that girls experience a significant drop in self-esteem and confidence when they hit puberty. Thus, in an attempt to empower women, the “Like A Girl” campaign was born. The campaign brought great social value to its audience and aligned with Always’ goals perfectly. Calling themselves a woman’s biggest cheerleader, Always said this of the campaign, “For the past 30 years, Always has been empowering girls globally, bringing puberty education to millions of adolescent girls and is on a mission to teach confidence to millions more.” From the campaign, the hashtag #likeagirl was born, as well as confidence summits and school partnerships. The original “Like A Girl” campaign was owned media, the Super Bowl spot was paid media, the hashtag usage across social media is earned media, and the partnerships could be paid, earned, and owned media.

Katie Kangas

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