Discovery VR – Mythbusters: Shark Shipwreck


The Discovery channel show Mythbusters recently used 360 degree recording technology to produce a 4k resolution video of them scuba diving around an old sunken ship and put it on youtube and other sharing sites. As you explore this sharks swim around you in every direction and in and out of the omniscient ship. While this video is compatible with any of the currently available virtual reality headsets or by using any smartphone’s gyroscope, it creates a real sense of immersion. With this video, Mythbusters was able to target a virtual reality market that is still new and lacking content,and also reaches tech savvy people, which makes up most of their viewership. This also shows how they are using the most cutting edge tools of technology to document their real life experiments and how dangerous they can be. This is an example of owned media since it was created by them and then put onto free sharing sites such as Youtube.

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