Nike Lebron James Campaign

In 2014 Nike introduced their main character, Lebron James back to Cleveland after returning from Miami. As many sports fans know, Lebron didn’t leave the Cleveland Cavaliers on the best terms 4 seasons prior. For years, Nike has been the main sponsor of Lebron James. Since Lebron had decided to return to Cleveland, they knew that his face along with Nike’s would be under a negative spotlight. Since Lebron was involved with their brand, they thought they would do a welcome home commercial that ignites the power of Cleveland from head to toe. The brand is clearly reaching the entire city of Cleveland but most of all, the basketball fans. Even though this is targeted at basketball fans, it doesn’t take one to become emotionally thrown during this video clip. It makes sense for Nike to do this simply because they are his main sponsor along with the fact that Nike shoots for emotional touch points in athletes. In my own opinion, Nike is paying Lebron James, Lebron is owned by the Cavaliers, and he earned his spotlight by being an outstanding professional athlete. According to the textbook, the commercial is creating a conversation between Lebron James and the people of Cleveland.

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