Spotify and Beatles Twitter Campaign

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.45.17 PM.png

Image of the emoji used during this campaign to promote the Beatles

Photo courtesy: BeatlesOnSpotify Twitter page @spotifybeatles

In December 2015, Spotify finally added The Beatles albums and tracks to its streaming platform. To keep the excitement alive Spotify also created a social media campaign to go along with it and more specifically they used customized emojis and playlists. Users had to tweet the customized emoji in order to unlock personalized playlists. The brand is trying to reach their younger audiences that they know are using social media frequently. Spotify is entertaining their users while offering incentives in return for assisting to promote their brand throughout twitter and social media. It makes a lot of sense for Spotify to promote their brand this way because a lot of Spotify consumers are in the younger demographic and they are aware that these younger age groups have a strong social media presence. In the article Spotify said they hired an agency to create the emoji that were used during this campaign, so this aspect would be paid media. But, the rest of the campaign I would consider earned media because users are tweeting on behalf of the brand in order to receive incentives, in this case unlocking playlists. This particular campaign would be an example of participation-led orchestration because the overall goal was to get people talking/viewing their custom emojis in order to get people talking about their new music release.

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