Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm

The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm

Microsoft Office has created a campaign known as The Collective Project. It is a tumblr account that describes itself as such: “The #CollectiveProject is about harnessing the power of the many to bring great ideas to life. Follow us as we shine a light on the stories of these students who are making positive changes for their communities.” Microsoft uses this owned source of media to promote their OneNote product. They tell stories like the one in this video about student Albert Manero, and his volunteer group called Limbitless, who is using 3D printing to create bionic limbs for kids free of charge.

This campaign not only recognizes students who are making a difference, but it also raises awareness for Microsoft Office’s product and how it can be used. This campaign is targeting students, so they use other students like Albert to showcase how their product can help students in their class work.  Most students have Microsoft Office on their computers, but I don’t know of many who use OneNote. This video was a good move for Microsoft because it shows how Microsoft is associating itself with innovators like Albert.

This has to be one of my favorite ads ever, because I find the whole idea of Albert’s work to be amazing. Ad week touched on how this ad doesn’t really feel like an ad until the end when the logo pops up. Since it is an ad, it falls under the paid media category, but this video also went viral which qualifies it as earned media as well. Plus, Albert’s story and supplemental pieces relating to this video are on the tumblr page as part of owned content.

Microsoft encourages participation-led orchestration well by having a tumblr page as the home for this campaign and by using the #CollectiveProject. Using social media definitely promotes participation of consumers. Overall this video is a great example of an integrated campaign.

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