Target Cartwheel App

Target Cartwheel

In 2013, Target created its Cartwheel app, which allows consumers to save money on items in the store just by using their phone. Through the app, users can search for coupons from a wide variety of categories, and scan barcodes of these items at the store to get their savings. With this app, Target is trying to reach its current customers, as well as consumers who do not shop at Target regularly. The Cartwheel app makes it convenient for customers to find coupons all in one place rather than having to cut them out. Also, it attracts more consumers to shop at Target as opposed to other stores. It makes sense that the brand would create Cartwheel because customers truly can “expect more and pay less” as Target’s slogan suggests. The brand is confident that they will be able to provide their customers with lower prices than their competitors, which will keep people coming back. This is owned media because it is something that the brand created. However, it could also be earned media because awareness of the app is often spread by word of mouth.

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