Sonic’s Two Guys

Brooke Ray

Sonic- Two Guys Campaign

Sonic has been creating commercials with the same two men in a car at the restaurant for years now. They just recently came out with new ones that have caught my eye. A few companies have been creating this image for their brand by using the same people in their advertisements. Flo, the Geiko Gecko, and the Mayhem man for State Farm are just a few more examples of this. People make connections through these “faces” of a brand and relate to them. Sonic’s commercials are entertaining and from experience, I know that my brother and I always quote these and send the new ones to each other. This is paid media that has now become owned because of how people have reacted to the ads and made the connections with them. This type of campaign is becoming very common in reaching a vast amount of demographics because people are able to relate and connect making the brand seem a bit more personal. The Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Smith, said ,”It’s amazing how they appeal across age ranges. They appeal to middle-aged folks, they appeal to millennials, high schoolers think they’re hilarious.”

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