Emily Spicka Blog Post

Emily Spicka

Blog Post


Hootsuite created a video that went viral by capitalizing on the success of the TV show Game of Thrones. It is also using the tagline “Unite Your Social Kingdoms.” Hootsuite is trying to reach Game of Thrones fans. As well as fans of TV who think what the brand is doing by connecting to a show that is such a cultural phenomenon is cool. Hootsuite is offering its clients a way to “do more with social media.” The Hootsuite experience includes many services for its customers to enjoy such as engagement, listening, analytics, collaboration, security, and apps. Hootsuite had found that many of its customers enjoyed watching Game of Thrones. So Hootsuite wanted to do something that would not only bring in more customers, but keep its current audience entertained and engaged. Hootsuite owns the video itself so that that makes it owned media. However, since the video has gone viral, every share, like, and comment this video gets in an example of earned media.

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