Hp Bend the Rules

Alex Loseke Blog Post


HP brought some of the most influential social media users together to create a campaign unlike anything that has been done before, to create a music video. Using the HP Pavilion x360 young individuals created video footage documenting their involvement with Meghan Trainor and colleagues. Each young creative posted videos to their social fan base, helping to generate a buzz before the official content was released. Closer to the video release date, HP compiled clips of videos and combined them to create a preview for Trainor’s “Lips are Movin” video. HP actively targeted millennials by engaging with some familiar faces from widely popular social media outlets, Using the Pavilion x360, HP created some paid media, requiring the individuals involved to create 125 posts about their journey, using the hashtag #BendTheRueles, but the most buzz was about the 117 “purely organic” videos that were created beyond the requirements. Due to the media created, the videos, both clips and the official music video received so much attention. Overall, this campaign was a success.

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