Blog Post – GoPro Daily Giveaway

Jesse Osterbuhr

GoPro: Video Submission Sweepstakes


GoPro has a Daily Giveaway in which they ask consumers of their products to send in their best videos shot with GoPro camera, in exchange for their videos being being featured on the website and prizes. The brand is trying to reach the younger active audience who enjoy extreme sports and adrenaline filled adventure. The audience problem they are solving with this would be lack of knowledge about how people are using the brand’s products while providing an incentive for participation. This makes total sense for GoPro to do because they are killing two birds with one stone by creating a network for GoPro customers to show off their videos and connect with each other via social media, and in doing so receiving free online advertising to other potential buyers of the product. By connecting their brand’s consumers and influencing them to post their personal videos online is a clear example of Earned Media!

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