Carl’s Jr. Rick & Morty Spot

By: Spencer Garrett


First and foremost, Rick & Morty is an incredible show. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend giving it a few watches. Now, with that in mind, it’s relevant to mention the new Carl’s Jr. ad featuring my boy Rick and his grandson Morty. The brand (Carl’s Jr.) integrated the massively popular Adult Swim cartoon into their new TV spot for their burgers. The result is hilarious as it gives viewers a way to connect to the burger chain through their favorite TV characters. This makes sense because both Rick & Morty AND Carl’s Jr. need to get their advertising out and both embody the same kind of frivolous hilarity as, “brands.” Working together on a TV spot helps both parties. Especially Carl’s Jr. who is piggybacking off a loyal fanbase to the R&M show. I’d say this is all forms of media. Carl’s Jr., no doubt, had to offer Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland (R&M creators) a small sum of money to use their characters in the spot (PAID). However, the earned media comes from all of the new people who try Carl’s Jr. simply because now it’s associated with R&M. Finally you have the posting of their TV spot to YouTube, and the R&M episodes which are also available to watch online (owned).

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