Groupon Valentine’s Day Offer- Laura Barker

This year, Groupon is offering a Valentine’s Day package in which you can propose to your significant other by having a stadium-quality 12 foot by 16 foot jumbotron delivered to your door.  The offer is designed to mimic Kiss-Cam proposals you see at sporting events via the big screen.  The package costs a mere $30,000 and includes delivery, animated graphics designed by Kinetic Worldwide, the option to customize the proposal with selfies, pictures, copywriting, and of course, an unforgettable way to ask your honey to marry you.

Groupon is providing a unique way to facilitate a milestone event in the lives of consumers.  This is an example of owned media, as Groupon is offering a coupon to customers, but the stunt seems more like an earned media tactic.  No one has redeemed the coupon yet, but audiences are definitely talking about it.

Groupon’s brand purpose is giving consumers the ability to experience things that they may not ordinarily be able to do (through coupons, vouchers, etc.)  Even though most people don’t have an extra 30 grand laying around, the idea is that Groupon is offering consumers a spectacular way to propose to their significant other that would otherwise be very difficult to do.  Even though few will actually redeem this coupon, it makes sense for Groupon to offer it to earn attention during the Valentine’s Day season.


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