I think earned media is the most interesting of the three because it is so out of the company and advertisers hands. With the consumers being as they are now, having so much control, it is important to attempt to generate more positive feedback than negative. I thought what Budweiser did in their Super Bowl ad was very cool and would more than likely generate a LOT of earned media. They brought in someone harsh, straightforward, and quite blunt- a perfect person for getting such an important point across. She was honest and that made this commercial one that stood out from a lot of the funny, exciting commercials during this game. All they did was add in the hashtag GiveADamn and to me that was enough. They had an intense ad, as well as a hashtag that was quite blunt. I think this will generate a lot of talk and having that hashtag in there for people to use will get that conversation started beyond what Budweiser has to say.

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