Peyton Manning Loves His Budweiser

By: Joe Grobeck

Budweiser, which usually has one of the most recognizable Super Bowl ads each year, decided to stray from its traditional Clydesdale and puppy ads in 2016. Instead, Budweiser went in a completely new direction. This year the went with a gritty, in your face commercial advertising what they want to be known for as a brand. The main theme that I took away from the commercial is that Budweiser a tough, American, trend setting beer that isn’t backing down from a challenge. The classic Clydesdales were featured, but instead of helping find puppies this year they were running with ferocity.

The commercial was memorable, but Budweiser earned even more media on Super Bowl Sunday when Peyton Manning mentioned them in his post game interviews. Manning didn’t only mention them in his post game interview with Jim Nantz but also immediately after the game when talking to CBS Sports sideline reporter, Tracy Wolfson. Multiple sources have said that Peyton wasn’t paid to mention Budweiser, and that it caught Budweiser by surprise. It’s great earned media for Budweiser being endorsed on the spot not just once, but twice by arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history in what could be his last game.

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: #NotBackingDown Budweiser Commercial

Peyton Manning Mentioning Budweiser in Post Game Interviews: Peyton Manning Budweiser




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