Angelina Jolie visits UNL

The Sheldon Art Museum has experienced a lull in visits from UNL students. In an effort to bring more people in and get the artists featured noticed by a greater audience they decided to bring in some help. The Sheldon is not only trying to get art students in but also those who aren’t familiar with the art culture. The Sheldon doesn’t have a lot of money to ask just anyone to come hold an event so they look for extreme art lovers. Angelina Jolie is known to love art and to collect it along with her husband Brad Pitt. The Sheldon is able to ask Jolie for an appearance at the museum as a charity act. Once posters go up promoting the event and special guest appearance of Angelina Jolie, there becomes a buzz on campus about the event. The Sheldon uses a celebrity to get earned media. There are posts all over social media and talk about it everywhere. After the event students continue to talk about it and visit the museum because that is where Angelina Jolie once was.

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