Apple’s “Shot on iPhone6” Campaign

Apple’s “Shot with an iPhone6” Campaign video

Apple released their iPhone6 back in 2014 and started doing their “Shot on iPhone6” campaign. This campaign was aimed to prove their brand promise of a clear and high quality camera featured on Apple’s new product. Their desired audience was their current customers and superfans, basically everyone who owned an iPhone6.


During their “Shot on iPhone6” campaign, Apple published pictures and videos the public took using an iPhone6 with the help of their owned media. They featured a total of 162 pictures on billboards and magazines around the world (Adweek). Apple called this the “largest mobile photo gallery in history”. They even posted videos taken by iPhone6 users and credited them. This campaign got a lot of attention from users and non-users of the iPhone6. The photographers who took the pictures that were featured were also stunned to see their work published on the streets all around the world. Some of the photographers also received a surprise gallery book featuring their own, as well as others’ work. 


With this campaign, Apple won their second Cannes Grand Prix award back in 2015 (Adweek). They have generated a lot of earned media through this campaign because of their amazing way of including users into their marketing. They made their users feel involved and appreciated and attracted the public through this campaign. It definitely also generated buzz among social media. This year, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, got mocked on Twitter with reference to the campaign for posting a blurry picture at the SuperBowl.


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