Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance

During the Super Bowl 50 half time show this past Sunday, Beyonce performed her new single, which was released the night before along with a politically charged music video. Her performance was referencing celebrated black figures of the past, who are known as the Black Panther Party. During her performance of her new single, she references the Black Lives Matter movement, which is a major issue that exists in society today. Her 50 backing dancers were dressed to create the visual reference of the Black Panther Party by wearing leather & black berets. The major significance of this performance was that the Black Panther Party was formed in Oakland, CA, which is less than 40 miles from Levi’s Stadium where the Super Bowl was held. Also, it represented the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, while also representing the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Black Panther Party. Her performance brought the attention of several different audiences, most specifically people who are strong supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, the goal she was trying to reach was to bring awareness of the movement to people who aren’t supporters or those who are less informed. At one point during the performance, Beyonce and her dancers created an “X” formation, referencing Malcolm X who was a black civil rights leader that was shot dead in 1965. All of her references from this performance brought about a ton of positive and negative earned media. Some view the performance as an amazing way to bring about awareness on an issue that was so live 50 years ago that still exists today. On the negative side of the earned media, there are those who say that the performance was ‘disgusting’ and that it proves the double standard that also exists today. I believe that her performance added more social value to the Black Lives Matter movement. It also brought in so much earned media due to Beyonce being an extremely well-known and recognized public figure.

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