Bud Light & Haley Elizabeth


The brand I liked was Bud Light. They had a lengthy ad during the Super Bowl that related to the upcoming election. At the end, they had a hashtag that said “raise one to right now”. I think that this was kind of a unique way to generate earned media because it had to do with getting people to take action. When that was said, people at the party I was at all raised there glasses regardless of if they were drinking Bud Light or not. It just created something that was kind of fun in my opinion and it got people talking. Since it was a hashtag, it also got the social media world buzzing because I noticed people were “cyber toasting” by using the hashtag to “raise their glass” to people who they weren’t with at the time. It was definitely a fun way of getting that earned media whether it was using the election as the “current event” to create buzz, the celebrities who everyone knows to be hilarious, or the hashtag like I was talking about before.

Business Card

The second brand that I want to talk about is actually my photography company; Haley Elizabeth Photography. The main issue with my business is that I’m not entirely sure how to let people know my style is more unique than other photographers out there. I am just not sure how to get the exposure I need with there being so many more photographers out there. My desired audience would be anyone getting engaged, having babies, or just wanting a fun photoshoot! So that being said, I think my audience would be anyone from 20 up to 50. Those are the types of customers I have been working with as of right now and I really enjoy it so I think that’s where I’d like to focus. When it comes to something I could do for earned media, I had an idea of doing random photoshoots at a wide variety of events. I would obviously need permission from people and the venues where I would be going. My idea is to go to a bunch of random places where I would take candid shots of people and then give them my card and website where they could see their images. I haven’t really worked out the kinks of where I could go and take pictures where people wouldn’t think I’m being too creepy but the first places that pop into my head are things like the Haymarket on prom night or just a weekend night and to capture the people and kids out walking around who are all dolled up and would love their pictures taken! It would just create buzz and hopefully present a future job opportunity for me in the long run.

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