Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

In 2010 Coca-Cola with the help of Distribution 6, create an immersive and experiential moment that brought a genuine direct connection with their unique brand that focuses on selling “Happiness.” What Distribution 6 did was create vending machines that would help bring consumers not only coke, but also a “Dose of Happiness” through a relatively mundane activities (buying a soda).  This experience was eventually recorded and shared globally through viral distribution across via social media, utilizing Coke’s wealth of network assets and earned media. This advertisement like most great ad campaigns is a mixture of “Owned, Earned and Paid” media. For example; they first had to pay for the start up cost of the vending machines. Then after the videos were uploaded on Coke’s earned and owned channels (Facebook, Website) almost 100% of all viral distribution was created from those channels. After the success of this viral video happened they then decided to create an actual advertisement commercial spot and air it during the American Idol Finale. This was not only an example of another paid aspect of this campaign, but also an example, of once again, another way to earn media, through mostly word of mouth. With this ad campaign there would be a lot of ways to keep expanding it buy, “Paid, Owned and Earned” media and that is what I believe makes a great campaign.

By: John Joseph Parker

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