Doritos: “Ultrasound”

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.43.07 AM.png

During the Super Bowl each year, Doritos is known for its’ humorous commercials. This year, Doritos held their final Crash the Super Bowl contest. For the contest, they invite people to submit commercials and select a winner to be featured on Super Bowl Sunday. The purpose is to keep super fans involved in the brand itself. This year, they selected two grand prize winners: “Dorito Dogs” and “Ultrasound”.

Although there were two ads selected, the ultrasound ad stirred up some controversy. In the ad, you see a soon-to-be mother having an ultrasound and the father eating Doritos. Every time the dad moves the Doritos, the baby in the womb follows them and eventually leaves the womb on its own. Some viewers laughed when they saw the commercial but others did not. I am sure Doritos did not mean to intentionally create such a controversial buzz, but it got people talking about them. Pro-choice groups took to Twitter and started accusing Doritos of “humanizing” the fetus using #NotBuyingIt and #antichoice. Pro-life groups came back by thanking Doritos for showing that children in the fetus are in fact human. All in all, even though it might not have been the earned media Doritos wanted, it definitely got people talking about them.

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