How To Generate Earned Media – Fly Fitness


Fly Fitness is a relatively new business in the downtown Lincoln area. With the YMCA and the Student Rec. right next door, without a solid promotion of their product, they could loose a lot of their business. One way for a small business to promote their product cheap is to come up with a simple way of creating buzz and have people promote their product instead, generating earned media.

Fly Fitness had a brilliant idea of already painting an awesome wall mural outside their building that was the perfect photo-opt. This in turn created a ton of earned media, especially by women who posted an Instagram.

My ideas would be simple. First, in the summer I would host sessions of classes offered by the facility outside in the plaza area. This would give people walking around a chance to join in anytime and for free, so they could see what a class was like first hand. Secondly, I would get a hold of female and male gym influencers on Instagram and give them free memberships. This would work, because those fitness influencers on Instagram would in turn promote “Fly Fitness” to their follower base everyday they want to the gym, which most likely is everyday.

By: John Joseph Parker

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