JD’s social media contest

By: Bridget Anderson

JD’s is a locally owned coffee shop located in small town Seward, Nebraska that sells specialty coffee, smoothies, breakfast and lunch items. For every season, JD’s releases seasonal items such as peppermint drinks in the winter and pumpkin drinks in the fall. In order to draw more attention to these seasonal drinks, JD’s could hold a contest through social media in order to generate earned media. The contest rules would entail customers buying coffee from JD’s and then posting a seasonal related photograph on social media with their coffee cup and a caption telling all their followers where their drink is from and use #JDs. For example, when promoting fall drinks someone may choose to post a photograph drinking JD’s Pumpkin White Chocolate Mocha on their porch with pumpkins and other fall decorations in sight with the caption, “There’s nothing better than drinking a Pumpkin White Chocolate Mocha from JD’s to start off the morning. #JD’s” Whoever gets the most shares, re-tweets or likes on their photograph would win a $100 gift card to JD’s.

This contest would be a great way for JD’s to offer entertainment and incentive for its customers to promote their seasonal drinks. It would be generating earned media because people would essentially be promoting JD’s through social media to all their followers. The contest would also probably be written about in Seward’s local newspaper, thus earning news mentions as well.


Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/215987388432753/photos/pb.215987388432753.-2207520000.1455135116./215987491766076/?type=3&theater

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