Join The Tribe – Lotus House of Yoga

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Lotus House of Yoga has four thriving locations across Lincoln and Omaha. The business started in 2010 with the vision of creating a community of empowered and healthy yogis. The business has transitioned into the movement Feel The Vibe, Join The Tribe.

Even though yoga is a growing in popularity among the community, there are still many misconceptions that challenge yoga studios. Many people belive they don’t fit the sterotype of people that do yoga. However, Lotus believes yoga is about balancing sthira (work) and sukka (ease) and the truth is we can all relate to that. Yoga is about empowering the best version of yourself and therefore yoga should be for everyone.

In today’s society, there is endless chatter about breaking social norms and stereotypes. Lotus can use this movement as momentum to take a stand on positive body image and prove that yoga is for everyone, while also generating positive earned media.

Yoga instructors from the studio could go into the community and pick a wide range of volunteers and teach them a simple yoga pose. The instructor could then snap a picture of the pose for the new yogi to post on their own social media platforms with the hashtag #TakeAStand along with tagging a few friends to challenge them to “take a stand” for positive body image by snapping a picture of their own. Other people around the community will also be encouraged to snap pictures of their own to support positive body image. Some of the pictures would also be featured on Lotus’ website, social media, and lifestyle blog. For this movement to work, it is important that Lotus features a wide demographic of people, varying in age, weight, career, race and so on. The pictures should be captured in unique places around the community, in places people find comfort such as a favorite park or coffee house to symbolize the different places of comfort and culture around the community. To provide incentive, Lotus could periodically pick creative posts and offer a free classes and other services to the winners.

This campaign strategy would combine current events, with social media and incentive to generate earned media. Combining multile strategies will help push this movement to becoming viral.

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