Brands like Coca-Cola might have been the first ones to create awesome Guerilla Marketing Campaigns, but is seems now a days every brand is trying to use this tactic, because of the possible benefits of earned media and low cost.

It would only seem fit that the ad agency “David&Goliath” would think of doing some type of gaurilla markting campaign, because they are trying to promote an actual gaurill. “David&Goliath” teamed up with universal studios to advertise the new installation of the new King Kong 3D attraction. The problem they faced was the small budget to advertise “King Kong 3D,” because of the high cost of the attraction and their already limited budget.

The main audience for this campaign would be anyone ages 6-24, King Kong fans and most likely people who lived close to the amusement park in Las Angeles. “David&Goliath” thought they could reach this audience with a limited budget by developing a guerrilla marketing campaign in hope of creating buzz and developing tons of earned media.

How they accomplished this is by creating a new form of media to advertise “King Kong 3D” on. They did not use a build board, T.V or radio. Instead they transformed Santa Monica Beach into their media platform. They did this by making it seem like King Kong walked along the beach and into the city of LA.

This created earned media, because of pictures people took, then posted on social media, on the beach. It also created earned media, by a fake new cast that was shared on the Internet, which described the events of King Kong walking on the beach. Lastly, it earned a lot of earned media, by word of mouth, because who cannot help but talk about the possibility of a giant Ape walking on the beach outside their hometown.

By: John Joseph Parker

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