Powercycle; Empower your body & mind.


7eb5dcca9805bfcda2071cd07f3cdd20Who doesn’t love a dark workout room, upbeat music, and a low impact intense cardio workout? I know I do. Powercycle is an indoor cycling studio based in Lincoln, NE and is the first studio in Lincoln to be completely devoted to indoor cycling. Becoming a client or member at Powercycle is rewarding not only for your mind but for your body. Best part is the first ride is free! Since I’ve been a part of Powercycle pack, I’ve had opportunities to grow as a person and meet amazing people while keeping myself active and healthy. One problem that is occurring with Powercycle is that there are many people who are unaware of the studio. As their lead front desk receptionist, I think there are ample amounts of opportunities to bring more people in. It would be a great idea for Powercycle to host an event where they do pop up classes around Lincoln. Each pop up could display one of the three classes that are offered. Powercycle could have potential clients tweet to sign up for the class using #PCPopUp and that would secure their spot for the class. This would give Powercycle an opportunity to interact and get people to try the spin classes. This would also create 12393716_931988040170700_1275139999_nbuzz through social media platforms by having clients sign up by tweeting.

-Sydney Schaal

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