UNL Invites Prominent Graduates to Speak

By Joe Grobeck

I think a great idea for local earned media would be to invite prominent UNL graduates such as Warren Buffet, Ndamukong Suh, Chuck Hagel, Alex Gordon and others to talk about their experiences at UNL and how it helped them succeed in their respective fields. This could be a big event for UNL students that would draw a lot of media to campus to cover the event. This media would help expose UNL in a positive manner in that it would show UNL has the necessary tools to be successful in various fields.

This would also give alumni the opportunity to interact with students and the students could post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. about meeting these alumni. Another way for UNL to gain earned media unrelated to this event is when these alumni are out in their field they could mention Nebraska and UNL. For example, whenever the starting lineup is announced for the Miami Dolphins, Ndamuknong Suh says, “Ndamukong Suh, University of Nebraska.” These are great ways for UNL to earn media.

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