Aspen Lincoln


Aspen Heights is the one of the newest apartment complexes that is built right next to UNL. Aspen uses earned media with their social media mostly and staying involved with their residents and their possible residents. For their social media they keep their followers updated about when apartments are sold. They also keep their social media fresh by having events such as their most recent Super Bowl party for anyone and even hosted a pumpkin carving for UNL students. By keeping updated with what students want they listen to what people say on their social media and they respond within an hour or so. Aspen currently has a contest going on to whoever “likes” the photo with Lush products and is following them they have a chance of winning. By staying fresh and fun with their earned media with social media they are able to reach so many potential clients/residents. Also using #liveataspen to get everyone more excited about the new apartments.

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