Crescent Moon Coffee Lincoln

crescent moon.png

Crescent Moon is one of Lincoln’s local coffee shops that serves a variety of coffee, accompanied by amazing live performances, located in Lincoln’s Historical Haymarket. Their mission is to cultivate a community of culture, conversation and coffee (Crescent Moon website). Their desired audiences are people who love to drink coffee and people who love performing arts like poetry and live music. The brand has existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The coffee shop is unique and distinguishable from other coffee shops because they have slam poetry on certain nights, as well as live performances. Therefore, it is definitely one of the strength they have. They also have open mics on Thursdays where audiences could feel involved. Therefore, with the help of their social media, they could generate earned media through by having a photographer take pictures of them and featuring the audiences’ pictures on the site. The concept is having a “walking photobooth” to capture the moments and share it on their social media. This way, they could make their customers feel involved with a lot of fun and attract the public’s interest through either word of mouth and social media sharing.

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