Earned Media v News Media

Alex Rapp

Blog Post #2 – Helping Greek organizations combat the negative light being placed upon them.

Many news stories mention that Greek organizations do not offer much benefit to communities and everything sounds good, but what actually is being positively affected is little.

I think a combative approach to this could be creating a media campaign that would ask members of Greek organizations to post a picture or recap of what their organization did or is working on that day, week, month etc. to benefit something. It could be named something like #Greekhelps. It would be using what the News Media is saying they believe to be true, and then using real earned media to voice back what the organizations are doing. I think it would be an effective way to shed some positive light on an almost constant negative light.

It could be a whole combined Greek movement showing the benefits the organizations offer to each other, and the community as a whole. It takes away a one on one interview for a news report trying to speak for the community and instead has the community pushing the campaign and message.

The Greek Organizations are a brand. The public brand image needs a rebranding in the sense of support to show that the brand is what it says to represent.


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