Electric Forest – #EF2016Reveal

credit : electricforestfestival.com

Electric Forest is a music festival that is always trying to differ themselves from the rest of the music festivals.  They are known for considering all of their attendees as “family” and likes to keep the people as involved with the festival as they can.  So, instead of announcing their lineup as one huge list on social media pages, they decided to get the ticket holders involved.  On February 2nd, they sent out envelopes to 150 random ticket holders.  In each envelope contained one or more artists that were apart of the lineup, with instructions for the person to announce their part of the lineup using the hast tag EF2016Reveal.  Throughout the day the hashtag was trending which generated a lot of earned media coming from people who were excited to attend the festival, to people talking about how they wish they had tickets because the line up was so well put together. Not only did it gain earned media, it gave the festival attendees ownership of an event they love to be apart of.  They also received buzz about their marketing strategy in announcing as well.

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