Escape Room Earned Media Opportunity

Lincoln Escape Room is self-labeled as a “mental adventure game”. For about $25-30 a person, your group can experience an hour of fun, intense challenge as you attempt to use your mental acuity to escape the room you are trapped inside of. An experience like this is quite fresh and new to Lincoln, so popularity is expected to struggle, but reviews are rather unanimous in positivity. With that said, there is an opportunity for the Escape Room to become massively popular among the downtown Haymarket crowd, which mainly of college students and local business employees.

On campus, students are well conditioned to be bombarded with advertisements every step they take, and many are ignored, but interactive adversitements seem to draw more participants and curiosity. I propose that the Lincoln Escape Room set up a mini-trial of one of their rooms on campus, and let groups participate for free. This would certainly make a buzz as students will search for their friends to group up and take on the Escape Room challenge.

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