Esurance wins Super Bowl 2016

esuranceThe Denver Broncos walked away with the victory after Sunday’s Super Bowl game, but what brand won in the media category of 2016?  Allstate-owned Esurance attracted a lot of attention during their “Pass It On” sweep stakes campaign.  The campaign involved giving away more than $1 million on Twitter during the Super Bowl using the hashtag #EsuranceSweepstakes.  This was the most popular hashtag on twitter during the whole game.  On Monday morning, Esurance generated more than 2.5 million hashtag mentions, that’s a lot of hashtags!  Esurance conducting their campaign in a very smart financial way.  They aired their Esuance Sweep stakes campaign commercial right before and after the big game.  Giving away awards on Twitter while the game was going on shows that Esurance is staying up-to-date with the latest technology in our generation.  During the game, Esurance also had twitter conversations with other brands, and talked about related topics on twitter like the half-time show.  This shows that Esurance likes to engage with their audience.  In my opinion, I would say that Esurance was clearly the big winner on social media this year because of their well planned campaign.

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