Flint crisis and Aquafina with Children’s Meausum

This would be my idea for earned media. The flint water crisis has been in the news lately, but if you don’t know what is going on, basically, the water in Flint, Michigan is toxic and is causing horrible medical issues to the residents. They aren’t able to drink it or cook with the water and bathing is dangerous. Adults know what is going on, but children, especially the kids in Flint, probably don’t fuly understand what is going on. What if Aquafina would set up classes and booths in Children’s Museums and get kids and their parents easy to understand information about water safety. Along with the information, have donations be avialible and informational pamphlets and websites to help spread the word and options of donations for people to help with. The goal is to donate water to a crisis and that would show how much Aquafina cares about people of this nation. But it is a very socially conscious move and if people have the means to help, they should. This would help their brand reputation would gain a lot of positive momentum.


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