Gold in September

Every home football game at Memorial Stadium is rooted in tradition, and one of these traditions is the release of red balloons at the first Husker touchdown. But, what if one time, they weren’t red? What if they were gold?

The Gold in September organization was created by an 11-year-old girl named Annie who lost her brother Jack to pediatric cancer. Her plan is to raise awareness for and eventually help end pediatric cancer. Her dream is to paint the month of September gold just as October is known to be pink for breast cancer.

Students on UNL want to help Annie reach her goal by starting a RSO here on campus. Since this is a new club, the problem Gold in September, or G9, is facing is low membership and overall brand awareness. So the goal of this earned media campaign to raise brand awareness across campus and to spark interest in UNL students, who are potential members.

The plan for the earned media campaign is to have the balloons for the Nebraska vs. Oregon home football game in 2016 be gold rather than red. G9 will utilize the other well-known cancer awareness organizations that already exist to help successfully raise awareness for not only for G9, but also for pediatric cancer. The club will bring together Love Your Melon, Dance Marathon, STAC, Team Jack, and Avery Strong to create a truly memorable event. The balloons will have a large G9 logo plus the other organization’s logos on them, and Husker Vision will play a short informational video in the beginning of/prior to the game. The video will include information on all the partnered clubs and close by asking fans to help make September gold.

A large portion of the buzz generated from this event will come from the use of social media. Game attendees that use the #GoldinSeptember, #GoGold, and #G9UNL will have the chance to be shown on the big screen and random winners will be selected for various prizes such as free Adidas gear (also another potential partnership), or Husker related items.

Gold in September has to ability to help bring all these fantastic organizations together through earned media to help reach a common goal. Earned media from this event will help raise awareness for G9 and help Annie come one step closer to her goal.

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