Habitat for Humanity – Brian Snodgrass


Habitat for Humanity is a non-governmental, and nonprofit organization that is self-described as a “Christian housing ministry.” They build “simple, decent, and affordable” housing for low-income families. Not only do people volunteer their time to this organization, the families that it benefits donate their time as well. In order to generate more awareness to the Habitat for Humanity organization in the Lincoln area, they will produce 10 short commercial videos that will air on local television. They will also produce feature stories of the families and volunteers on their website. The commercials and feature stories will help promote the Habitat brand, and tell the stories of the people that they have benefitted in the area. They will give a glimpse into the lives of the beneficiaries and make the Habitat cause seem more human in a way and generate interest. Although the commercials are technically paid media, they will also generate a lot of local earned media by people sharing the stories on social media platforms and local news outlets covering specific projects around Lincoln. Habitat could also get prominent local figures to donate their time for the cause. For example, if well recognizable former Husker players were to donate their time and energy for this cause it would generate a lot of interest, and it would produce a substantial amount of earned media in the process via media coverage and social media. Who wouldn’t want to work with people like Alex Gordon on a Habitat project?

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