Hershey’s Spreads Brand with Earned Media

Very few people dislike eating chocolate. Not only does it taste wonderful by itself, but it is a very transferable ingredient that can be used in virtually any type of dessert. One of the names most synonymous with chocolate is Hershey’s.

Hershey’s chocolate is meant to make you feel good while eating it, but it’s also meant to connect friends, family, and lovers. Through the use of social media, consumers all over the world can share their creations and interpretations of how they use Hershey’s chocolate – something that could never be done before. While Hershey’s has a small group of “superfans” (predominantly middle-aged adults who are loyalists), consumers range from all different demographics – even children. Nothing can stop anybody from posting their Hershey’s creation, and all appropriate creations are welcome

By opening communication among Hershey’s consumers, it promotes the flow of creative ideas all while subtly advertising Hershey’s. The intent is that a community of challenge-driven, creative, risk-taking food artists will form and continually return to Hershey’s chocolate as an instrument for their creations. From the looks of it, it has been a massive success as many desserts have received up to 600,000 likes on Facebook.

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